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User Satisfaction Report 1

Mr. I

Age: 68, male
Ailments: Parkinson’s disease

Lives alone. The body stiffness that is a symptom of the disease varies largely during the day. Uses a home-visit nursing care service when getting out of bed nearly every day.

Due to the body stiffness caused by the disease and to the body slippage that occurred when the back was raised, it was not possible for Mr. I to exit the bed safely.

Mr. I lives alone. He was originally an active person and he was a skilled bowler whose top score was 246. He used to bowl nearly every day, however since he began suffering from Parkinson’s disease, he is able to enjoy bowling only rarely. Mr. I complains, “There is no problem when I am feeling good, but it is terrible when the medicine wears off and I cannot move my body as I want to. Sometimes I fall down, and cannot move at all.”
The care manager Ms. O says, “Mr. I is highly determined to do things on his own, and is a forward-looking person who has made many improvements to his indoor environment and living equipment. However there are concerns. When he stands up using momentum as he gets out of bed, he sometimes falls. At times when his medicine is not working fully, when he raises the back in order to exit the bed, his body slips downward, disrupting his posture and causing him to slip to the floor, where he is unable to move at all.”
At those times, during the day Mr. I calls a caregiver, and at night calls the contracted security company, who comes to assist him for a fee. At the worst times, he has called the security company 10 or more times in a month. Not only does this cost money, but there are also times when he cannot call for help because he cannot move at all.

Body slippage was reduced, and his posture when exiting the bed has changed.

To improve these problems, welfare equipment leasing agent Mr. A suggested the RAKUSHO Z, which can raise the back in a stable posture with little body slippage. At first Mr. I hesitated, but after discussion with the care manager Ms. O and the caregiver, he decided to use it.
Since he started using RAKUSHO Z, Mr. I has really felt the improvement. “With this bed, I can raise the back to a position where I can easily sit up in bed. Before, it was very difficult because I used to slip down in the bed.”
The equipment leasing agent Mr. A also felt the changes. “Since he started using RAKUSHO Z, his posture as he gets out of bed is more stable than before.

He can exit the bed more safely and has reduced the number of calls to the security company.

Mr. I is determined to be active, and is always making improvements that allow him to get about more easily. He can make fine adjustments to the bed height on his own, and is able to stand up more safely than before. There has also been a large decrease in the number of times he falls when getting out of bed. “Since I started using RAKUSHO Z, getting out of bed is much safer. The number of times I call the security company has dropped to 4 or 5 times per month. Each call costs money, so this has been good economically as well.”
He has also been able to continue his favorite hobby. “Once a week I go bowling with friends. It is my reason for living.” Mr. I smiles and his face lights up with energy as he speaks.

Comments from welfare equipment leasing agent Mr. A

I respect Mr. I’s determination to do things himself, but at the same time I wanted to create an environment where he could live safely. After talking with the care manager and caregiver, I recommended the RAKUSHO Z several times. Mr. I finally agreed and I am very pleased that he has been happy with the results. I hope that I can continue making recommendations that will help him do as he wants.