User's voice

User Satisfaction Report 2

Kumi Takeuchi

Kumasuma Co., Ltd.

manager and physical therapist.
Tac Rehabilitation Support Center (Home-visit Nursing Care and Rehabilitation Division).

I expect that RAKUSHO Z can greatly expand possibilities for its users.

Ms. Takeuchi visits private homes to provide rehabilitation services as a physical therapist and works to create better living environments for the users. Here, she talks about RAKUSHO Z from a professional perspective.

Changes resulting from the addition of Relax Motion

I think the RAKUSHO Z back raising function is truly revolutionary. There is little feeling of pressure on the abdomen, and bending the knees keeps the hamstrings loose and promotes a neutral pelvic position. This is very good. A function that tilts the entire bed when raising the back has been added, and this makes the back raising posture completely different from previous beds, and maintains good alignment of the pelvis, chest, and head. It is very comfortable.
With earlier beds, the pelvis was not raised sufficiently when the back was raised, leaving the center of gravity to the rear. With RAKUSHO Z, this is not a problem, and the upper body can move more easily. Because the entire bed tilts, the forward field of view is larger, increasing the motivation for activities.
It is also nice that it is easier to put the user in a sitting position with the feet on the floor. When we introduced RAKUSHO Z for persons with rheumatism who had little muscle strength, they became able to put their own feet on the floor. Being able to do that without asking for help makes the users feel much better. For those of us who provide nursing care as well, there are large advantages to being able to easily move user’s upper body and put his or her feet on the floor. RAKUSHO Z is popular with families and the staff of our facility because it makes it easier to insert the suspension brackets for the nursing care lift, and also makes it easier for the user to practice sitting on the side of the bed.

Expanding user possibilities with RAKUSHO Z

Although comfort in bed is important, it is also important that it be easy to move when going from one action to the next in order to expand the user’s range of activities. For example, when the users can move from the bed to a wheelchair and then go to the toilet or bath on their own, or spend time with family in the living room, this raises the quality of life.
As a professional, I think our most important goal is to help create lives that are valuable to each individual user. Providing comfort and ease of motion, RAKUSHO Z is good for the users and makes them feel that they can do more than they could before. One could describe it as a bed that expands user possibilities.

Kumasuma operates a business providing ideas for creating housing environments that are convenient and comfortable for the users through its home-visit medical care and rehabilitation business, day care service business, home cares support business, consultant business, staffing business, and training and seminar business. It also provides support for recovery of physical abilities and use of welfare equipment, and operates a welfare equipment business that covers everything from design to development and promotion.